Christina Elko

​Bailey Love

Rachel Hughes

Austin Dooly

Mission Statement

Our mission is people first​! C4Cryo is providing a service to help people recover quicker, train harder, and have a better quality of life. C4Cryo strives to add value to people's lives. We strive to provide excellent customer service at all times. This will give our customers a feeling of relaxation and recovery when they leave our doors.

​Kylie Dupree

​Matt Laboski

​Lindsay Laboski

Adding value to people's life, one freeze at a time.

Our Story

Lindsay and Matt Laboski opened C4Cryo after trying Cryotherapy themselves at a friends business. The benefits were life changing, and they were determined to bring the same opportunity to find relief naturally to their Cypress hometown.

All staff members are trained and CPR Certified to ensure that your visit will be as enjoyable, comfortable, and as safe as possible.