Mission Statement

Our mission is people first​! C4Cryo is providing a service to help people recover quicker, train harder, and have a better quality of life. C4Cryo strives to add value to people's lives. We strive to provide excellent customer service at all times. This will give our customers a feeling of relaxation and recovery when they leave our doors.

Christina Elko

​Bailey Love

All staff members are trained and CPR Certified to ensure that your visit will be as enjoyable, comfortable, and as safe as possible.

​Kylie Dupree

​Matt Laboski

Our Story

Lindsay and Matt Laboski opened C4Cryo after trying Cryotherapy themselves at a friends business. The benefits were life changing, and they were determined to bring the same opportunity to find relief naturally to their Cypress hometown.

​Lindsay Laboski

Rachel Hughes

Austin Dooly

Adding value to people's life, one freeze at a time.